Saturday, October 23, 2010

Negative People

So, there are people in my life who I don't associate with because there so negative. There like positive sucking black-holes!!! Their negativity is so overwhelming that I choose to stay away from them all together and when in the presence of one i just smile and remain completely detached, i don't say anything. It's exhausting really. And when one calls, I'll let the answer machine get it. I know that's horrible of me but i have to think about how talking to this person is going to affect the rest of my day. If im feeling strong I will talk to them...

And i try not to allow myself to get sucked into there unhappiness. Its the emotions that these people stir up in me that i have to distance myself from. I get frustrated, offended and just depressed. I have to keep reminding myself that its there problem, not mine. Maybe some of my positive energy will rub off on them? If not, there unhappiness has nothing to do with me.

Im sure everyone has a Negative Nancy in there life, somewhere, and if avoiding this person makes YOUR day BETTER then i say GO FOR IT! :]

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  1. You're not alone Amelia. I know of quite a few "negative nancy's" in my life that I tend to do the same thing with! (now I don't feel so bad for avoiding them!) It is hard not to get sucked into their problems and then some how make them your own. :( Good call on trying to stay positive. :)


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