Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets Try This Again :-D

.....Cause if I quit trying i will never get to my ultimate goal right?

So since today is Monday and suppose to be the best day to get back on track at least that's what i told myself yesterday before eating 2slices of pizza I'm willing to commit to a daily challenge for myself. Yep, the challenge starts over every morning, this goes along with the whole no pressure idea.

I've already updated my menu & pics page with what my daily calorie goal is and every time i meet those calories i get to put a (GOAL MET) in big letters beside it. :]
That's like a little pat on the back every night.  Im ready to eat healthy....actually my body is craving healthy food this morning so i will eat some of those yummy protein pancakes for breakfast with some eggs.

I purchased a new Cathe Friedrich workout over the weekend and it was REALLY FUN when i attempted it Saturday. Anybody that does step aerobics knows that you have to get the choreograph down before you can fully enjoy the workout. This particular dvd is a little complicated, more dancy, but over time im sure i will get it! Atheltic Step is the name of it.And I give it two thumbs up ;-)

Im still tossing around the idea of getting a gym membership. There is one less than 5miles from the house. Its not a huge gym...privately own and operated, but i have been there before and they do have a lot of equipment but no classes which was what i was looking for. Its 25$ a month. Sadly the only thing i can think about is a new workout dvd cost about that much so why waste it on a gym membership? I've lost all my weight without going to a gym....but still, having a place to go and workout would be nice on some days like today when everybody in the house is home and the only place that I can workout is the living room....which there all in right now :s

Ok, time for breakfast then walking the dog and getting in a nice high intensity cardio workout. Im thinking about Step Blast...because it ROCKS and the music is AWESOME! Really gets me pumped!  Only got in a dog walk today...but I MADE MY GOAL WITH THE CALORIES...YAY!

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  1. Gym memberships are a serious commitment in my opinion. I have not gone and done it myself, not this time. Been doing everything at home, or outside, and I find it works just fine. That said, whatever it is that gets us to the point where we enjoy the exercise and ups the chance we will do it, then that is what we ought to do. If getting a gym membership gets you to enjoy exercise more & do it more, then go for it.


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