Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a Day in The Life.....

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to those that commented on my last post, i was just all teary eyed after reading it again! You guys ROCK!

And speaking of being teary eyed, sigh, boy did i have a dramatic experience earlier today! (rolls eyes)

So, yesterday i had a interview which resulted in an orientation today. The rules were simple, show up on time, dress in business attire and bring your I.D. (ok, i can do that,lol)

SO...i get all gussied up, leave and reach the parking lot about 15mins early. I causally open up my wallet to get my I.D out and IT WASN'T THERE! OMG, I WAS IMMEDIATELY FREAKING!! Where was my I.D? I frantically searched my purse, my wallet heart was racing and just knew i was going to screw up this job! I look at the clock and still had 15mins until i was declared late. So i RACE home to hopefully get it out of the washer ( i thought i left it in my pants pocket after the interview yesterday) I call my DH meanwhile pouring my purse out everywhere in the front seat and trying to talk on the phone while driving .. it was crazy, i was crazy! I tried to call the company and couldn't get an answer...i was crying by now.

So i get home and DH (being the calm and collective type) goes out to the car and retreives my purse. IT WAS BEHIND MY SOCIAL SERCURITY CARD, UGH....i never put it there? :/

So i finally get a hold of the companies office and was able to rescheduled the orientation for tomorrow....and all is well again...

Why is it that everytime something happens i just can't stop. calmdown. and THINK! sigh.....

Now DH and I are laughing at the whole situation. crazy!

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  1. that is so me. i would totally do that. i'm sure i have already!


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