Friday, October 22, 2010

Its Friday Morning People!!!

Good Morning blogger friends!
Hope everyone had a good night, i didn't sleep too good, my son had nightmares and needed his mommy.

I have been playing around with the design of my blog lately, i think i have settled on the current look. Its simple, bright and cheery. And speaking of my blog; I added another ticker! A binge free ticker, my weakness lately. But im proud to say that i didn't binge yesterday ...nope! Instead i guzzled water to have that full feeling then chewed gum to mimic that chewing sensation and by golly it worked :D I was so proud of myself =) It was hard but i fought through it and it paid off! Today's peek at the scale was down, 172.8...I was excited to see that #. my lowest weight before falling off the wagon about 4wks ago was 170 so im getting close.

Anyways....Today I plan on getting in my usual dog walk for 30mins then i will do some high intensity step aerobics. Not sure what yet, it will be a Cathe Friedrich one for sure (she's the only instructor that I have for step, her)

DH is talking about taking a Free Day from his job tomorrow (paid sick day in other words)  and were going to take the kids to a pumpkin patch place. They also have a huge corn maze, hay ride and petting zoo. There so excited about it,lol. Should be fun! 
Can anyone name this flowering shrub/bush by chance? Its gorgeous! Its not very big, about 3ft high, started budding about 3weeks ago.  We moved here back in February and I had no idea that this bush had flowers on it, i noticed this flower yesterday.  So far ive seen a butterfly bush, a weeping mulberry bush, a tulip tree and 2 huge light pink crape myrtles :D just love it! Now if i can only get my bedding plants to LIVE, ugh. I have such a purple thumb! Im glad all these plants were planted before we moved in...LOL
Have a good day =)


  1. AWESOME job on being binge-free!! That is so great! I'm gonna try and google this flower for you because now I need to know what it is too!!

  2. I like the new layout.

    Have fun today!

  3. Thanks Roxie!

    Thanks Melissa, thanks for googling.

  4. That flower looks like a wild rose to me. The jagged edges on the leaves are definitely rose-like. There are a ton of variations on the wild rose, but take a look here: and see all the ones that look like yours! Guess it depends on where you live.

  5. Thanks, I'll check out that website now!

  6. Hmmm. That binge-free ticker caught my eye right away. Then panic clenched my stomach. chuckle.

    I don't know if I could put up a ticker like that... Since the gluten episode 10 days or so ago, binges have been an issue. I've kept my calories okay on most days--but I am able to binge on low-cal things, too! (Fage, bananas, get the idea.) I'm just so creative. sigh.

    But, I'm thinking about it. I am.



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