Saturday, October 16, 2010

hungry girl Recipes

Yesterday I was watching Rachel Ray (love her) and she had Lisa Lillien, aka the Hungry Girl, on there with a few recipes. I was really shocked at some of the combination that she had. Cake mix and diet coke? Apple's and red hot candies? I'm trying them next week!!!!! I plan on making a grocery list tonight.

Here is a link to that show with the super easy recipes on there.
Egg Substitutes & Laughing Cow Cheese,Apples & Red Hot Candies,Cake Mix & Diet Soda

I Also noticed a few other recipes on there so now I plan on buying one of the Hungry Girl books.
Anyways, just thought i would share =)

Everything going good today. Got my workout in this morning. Finished up my weights for the week with  legs, biceps then triceps. I did about 20mins of step aerobics but I had to cut it short because my legs weren't  cooperating, felt very heavy (i wonder why,duh). Still got in about 53mins of exercise. Then I caught up on some laundry & washed both dogs.

I started calorie cycling again. It gives me a little freedom with my calories. I'm not weighing everyday either...i took out the scale battery and gave it to my hubby to hide. I will weigh every Sunday (yes, tomorrow is Sunday so not much of a start with the not weighing everyday thing,lol)

I've got to stay consistent if i want to see results.

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