Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hold applause please....

..... because i'm on track so far this week....gasp. shhhhh, my inner child must be taking a nap ;-)

Of course im just being humorous as my 9yr old told me yesterday while i was trying to dance to Micheal Jacksons beat it,  but she wasn't amused.... i was interrupting her dancing. lol

Anyways, all is going well this week. Im feeling good, just taking things one day at a time...sometimes its one minute at a time but thats ok =) Just trying to stay positive....

As suggested by my Mom, I started taking St. Johns Wart Monday for my little episodes. I cant say that i feel any different today, besides...its suppose to take up to a month to get into my system, but i will say its nice to have a game plan in mind. If it doesn't help then i will move onto my next game plan.

I wanted to say to the ones that have commented on my post that i really appreciate it, i LOVE coming on my blog and seeing comments. It always makes me smile =)


  1. Well here's another comment for you to make you smile! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. That made ME smile. You look fantastic. We have lots in common. Can't wait until I'm a big loser like you... :)

  2. Hey There, love reading your blog...we do have lots in common and thanks, your on your way and you look great too!!!

    Onward with our journey!

  3. That inner child is napping, whew. Wouldn't it be nice if we could club it while napping so it would nap onger or forever? Yeah, sounds a bit violent. Keep looking at it minute by minute and remember you are in control, even when the inner child awakes, you get to decide whether to listen to its babble.


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