Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have you seen my wagon?

...D@mn, it was right here about a month ago and now....Mmmmm

Seriously, I'm just not in the zone here lately? I  try everyday to stay on plan then my will power slowly dwindles out by the end of the day and i end up with my @ss sticking out of the refrigerator by 9ish! I think that's the problem, I try instead of DO!  You know the old saying "Do or Don't Do, There is No Try!"

So...I am here to start another day! A fresh new start. I have to remember those two magic words whenever i fall off the wagon...Baby Steps.

Besides, the scale just lit a fire under my butt...177.2, holy guacamole!! Now how did that happen? Who the hell cares? I think we all know why the scale goes up, the most important thing is how to react!

 Its time for some serious damage control!!! Here's the plan....
Clean eating
Lots of water 
Today is orientation, glad to maybe have a job! I was suppose to go to orientation yesterday but life got a little crazy and I rescheduled it. Notice I said I might have a job?  The job is from a temporary service and there is no guarantee that you have a job just because your asked to go to orientation....personally i think that's how they ' filter out the slackers'!

I plan on walking the dog for a while this morning, taking a recovery week from the weights this week....and I got to admit, it feels GGGGGGGreat!

Have a good day :-)


  1. You've got the right frame of mind! We all fall off the wagon some times and it is the decision to get right back on that makes the biggest difference. You can do it!

  2. Dude...I've totally crashed my wagon and had to re-build it I don't know HOW MANY times now, lol. Glad you've got a plan. And hope you get the job! :)

  3. Taking a recovery week is smart! Your body will get a lot stronger. Good luck with the job!! You'll get back in the zone soon! It sounds like you have a lot going on right now. Kick butt!!


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