Friday, October 15, 2010

Growwwwlllll....I Don't Share!

I had to lol at my Lab yesterday, were so alike! Every time i feed her she has to lay down and eat. Notice how she almost guards here food...

I was eating my supper last night and noticed these same behaviors. In front of the TV I sat, sitting and drooling over my plate....daring a finger to touch it! I have to weigh and measure everything so i don't share!.... Grrrrrowl don't touch my food....

I ended the day yesterday at 2200 calories and according to my heart rate monitor i burned close to 730 calories so I'm happy with that! My workout yesterday ROCKED!! I was kicking my own @ss and loving it! Started with a power walk for 2miles, then some heavy lifting free weights shoulders & Calves + Core. Then I did a 35minute low intensity step aerobics dvd, SO FUN!
Ya know, come to think of it maybe that's why i went over my calories? Maybe i should quit wearing the damn thing? ...... mmmmmmm .....

Today will be a long power walk then some much needed yoga.  Sigh, i use to love doing it feels like a chore. Anybody else find it hard to sit still during yoga? I've grown antsy.  : s


  1. LOL, too funny the analogy of the dog guarding the food. As an obese guy, I have done the same I am sure. I have had 2 black labs in my days. Not sure I will ever have another dog, but if i do, labs are fun and I'd definitely consider another.

    Glad to hear the step dvd is giving you a fun exercise. Gotta keep it fun!

  2. Awesome that you are getting in so much activity, and burning the calories!

    Had to laugh at the Lab story. We have a golden, and all the stories in the world say goldens are such a perfect family dog. Well, mine has been, except for one pesky bad habit that we worked hard to break her of: guarding her bowl and curling her lip. She's a big girl...95+lbs. But she's just a huge dog all over, not really fat. Anyway, she's gotten over that habit, not sure if it was us being successful at breaking the habit, or if she just outgrew it as she got older. I think there are some lessons in there somewhere, don't you think? Lol!

  3. I love labs. :)

    And I tried Yoga...once, lol. I'm too fat and not flexible enough to get in the correct positions. Hell, just trying to sit Indian style on the floor caused me to roll over backwards like a roly poly, lol

  4. Tammy, lol, funny story. I thought i was going to get stuck in a pose when i first started yoga. Its very challenging but so relaxing after your done!!!

    How Im Losing it, I use to have a cocker spaniel that was that way, just growled and showed his teeth with food. Glad to hear your Golden Retriever has done away with that habit and yes, there is definitely a lesson there! LOL

    Patrick, were actually considering getting another big dog for the back yard. Not sure what kind yet...our lab is a rescue, pretty sure the next dog will be a rescue too.


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