Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eye on the Goal!

 So, I stepped on the scale this morning for my usual Sunday weigh-in and the # says it all!  My first thought was water weight ( lol,actually my first thought was "do i need a new battery?"), so i will be crossing my fingers for next Sundays weigh-in. I did do some heavy weight lifting yesterday so please Lord, let that be the culprit!
Friday was a non-existent calorie counting day. I was stressed and my eating showed it. But enough of more poor me.

Now the real challenge starts...staying off the scale until next Sunday :s But im determined to stick to it. I'm hoping to be back down to 170 or close by then. I also plan on measuring next Sunday too and hopefully I will get some positive feedback from that!

As mentioned in my last post I started calorie cycling again, i got my #'s from that site, they give you a 7 day calorie cycle based on your age,weight,height & activity level. There is even an option to put your body fat% in there to be more exact. I chose the 'workout for 5days" option for my activity level. The calorie's range anywhere from 1350-2050 so nothing crazy. Yesterdays 1350 day was pretty hard but luckily i chose very clean and nutritious meals to keep me full. I drank a lot of water too...
Got to keep my eye on the goal.


  1. You can do it!! LOL @ the battery; I said the same thing to myself when I weighed in on Saturday. UGHHHH. I'm gonna try the calorie cycling too.

  2. Ok, not too familiar with calorie cycling but I can see from your chart on teh right what you are trying to accomplish. Curious to see after three weeks how this worked for you. Staying tuned :-)


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