Thursday, September 30, 2010


I ran into an old friend this morning while i was at the grocery store. She just couldn't believe how much weight i had lost! She was so sweet and complimentary. Made me feel like a million bucks. She wanted to know how i did it. I told her and it was almost like her face went blank? She said "Wow, Really?  Like...thats it? That's the secret? Eating healthy and working out? You should have seen the excitement drop off her face. I guess telling her about the newest diet craze would have made the conversation more interesting :-P.

So, anyways. I've been kinda piddling around the last 8 days or so with my bad eating habits, nothing too crazy but not eating clean and not counting calories.,bowl of cereal here, a cookie there.  And you know what? I don't give a rats patootie ;-)   I got in all my walks this week. Got in a very heavy lifting workout today, even when i didn't feel like it. So im proud of myself. My eats today have been super duper clean. Protein pancakes for breakfast. Tuna on ww bread for lunch w/banana, lean hamburger on ww bun w/veggies piled high and roasted sweet potatoes for supper. later i will have some popcorn. I didn't count the calories in that meal either.. Hey,I'm liking this not-counting-calories phase im going through. Gives my mind a break!

Oh and i got rid of all my pages I plan on re-arranging things a bit. Time to redecorate =]


  1. Amelia - that is hilarious! Its so funny how people think there is a secret diet out there! Its not rocket science. I think some people just don't have the willpower or patience like you to make it happen. The weight didn't come on over night, I don't know why people expect it to come off over night.

  2. Great job on the workouts, you are doing amazing!!

    Ooooh protein pancakes?? How do you make those? They sounds delicious!


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