Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflecting the week & Sunday weigh in

This morning was my weigh in and at first i was kinda bummed out when i weighed in @ 170.0 again ~ i've mentioned in my last few post about seeing 169~ so I was kinda disappointed, But then i reminded myself that im down a pound since my last weigh in.  Whats wrong with that? NOTHING!  So, instead of sticking out my bottom lip and pouting about it im going to pat myself on the back and say WELL DONE AMY!!

In a recent inside out weight loss  pod cast i was introduced to the term Kaizen, borrowed from the Japanese. It means continuous improvement. 

From the website:
The aim of kaizen is to create a state of continuous improvement, to make that your default, so that everything that happens becomes an opportunity for small incremental improvement.
Mining your everyday experiences for areas where you can become just a little bit better. Areas where you can handle the situation just a little bit better next time".
 So, i thought about my recent week and if there was anything that i could have changed? I was with in my calories for the week. My workouts were great:

2 days of intense cardio
1 circuit (cardio +  weights)
2 (including today) Full body weight workouts
1 yoga
1 Stretch workout
5 dog walks (everyday m-f)

And i drink mostly water so no problems there either. So...I've come to the conclusion that i did the best i could. There was nothing that would have made my week any better. Guess my weight loss will be slow here on in...i have to learn to accept that!


  1. Excellent reference Amelia, continuous improvement. A pound less than the last weigh in most definitely kaizen in action. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Patrick! Here's to Kaizen, cheers!

  3. Hey girl!! I'm glad you're going to try the po''re going to LOVE them. Was going to tell you how I did the shrimp, but you can spice yours any way you like. Po' boys are a cajun dish...they originate from Louisiana I believe. I sizzled mine up in a skillet on high an 8...and just kept stirring them around for 4-5 mins until they turned colors. I sprinkled a touch of salt and peppers, and added some garlic powder, Adobo, and a few good shakes of Tony Cachere's creole seasoning to give them the right kick....oh they were soooo good! I hope yours turn out great, too. Let me know! :)


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