Friday, September 10, 2010

Nightmares & poopie heads

Remember me saying i would come on here and post when i was whinny or wanted to bitch & complain? Weeeeell....I had a bad night last night. Around 3am i suddenly woke up and realized i was having a nightmare. It was those kinds of nightmares that parents, in particular, really dread. My kid was missing in a department store and i had that intense feeling of being frantic when i woke up. Ugh, really sucks. There was tears in my eye's too,sigh. I really need to start reading something other than murder mysteries when i go to bed. : /

So now I'm in a real poopie head mood (as my 5yr old would say) and i've got to snap out of it. Being in a bad mood can easily twist into a binge or a junk food frenzy, ack! 

On today's agenda is my workouts then some grocery shopping.
Ya know what? I feel better =)


  1. Poopie head, lol....I don't have any chillins, but I have 5 nieces and nephews. It's so weird how at 4 years old, poop and pee became the most interesting things in the world, lol.

  2. Bad moods, yep Iagree, they are dangerous. Too easy to just say, 'screw it', when yourmind is in afoul state. Working out can definitely help. Oddly I have found that working out when mad also add some intensity to the workout. Not that anyone should purposely get mad before a workout, but it does add a jolt of 'get it done'.

    Have a good workout!


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