Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just One Cupcake!

Well, made cupcakes Tuesday, manage to avoid eating any up until after supper today. I had one and oh my, was it good,lol.  I'm pretty sure my calories today are still fine but dang, i was trying to avoid any junk. Junk makes me want even more junk and get the idea.

You know what? I was just thinking...usually about right now i would be debating on having another cupcake. But somethings different today....I don't want another one? Wow, that felt pretty good :)

Besides the cupcake, i have been on plan all week. Got some good workouts in and kept up with my calories, that feels good too.

The last time i weighed was on the 29th(Sunday) of August. I didn't lose any weight and it hit me kinda hard. So hard that in fact i lost my focus that Thursday night through Saturday, didn't eat hardly anything healthy but did get in my workouts so hopefully there wasn't a lot of damage. I thought about weighing this Sunday but im not sure if i can take the good with the bad. I would love to see a loss but at the same time, am i mentally strong enough to see the same # or a gain? I have a couple of days to decide.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with having a small cheat here and there, so you're ok with one cupcake! And you have been doing so awesome, so I say you're ok and CONGRATS at being able to stop with one :)

    I've been craving cupcakes all week for some reason...


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