Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Haunting Past...

I had a job interview back @ the end of May.  I had a total of three interviews with this emergency medical office with in a two week period. When i got the call back for the last interview i knew that i had a very good chance of getting the job.The job was perfect for me, nurses hours (12 hr shifts) and they were willing to work with my ever-so-tricky schedule. I was SO excited. I have been a stay at home mom forever and although i do find it very rewarding, i feel the need for more in my life! Working right now would mean a lot to me.

So to make a long story short, on the last interview i was told what was expected of me. I met ALL the doctors and the people i would be working with. I was told what color scrubs to wear in the office, where i could buy them and when i would START. I was so overjoyed at this point i had tears in my eyes. There was one last step in the interview process, a back ground check which i had no problem agreeing too. So i followed her ( the interviewer) down to the local police station to do the back ground check.

Before i finish this story i wanted to say that i was a VERY rebellious teen. I was arrested once when i was eighteen for obstruction(giving false information to a police officer) spent one night in jail and served community service and thought that was the end of it. No big deal. I was never arrested again and learned my lesson to respect all aspects of the law.

Well,  that completely absurd crime that happened over12yrs ago CAME BACK to haunt me that day. The interviewer glanced at the report and said 'well your fine, oh wait..." and my heart dropped out of my chest. She said i could come back to the office and explain the report to the boss and I agreed..... but it didn't help, just humiliated me further in front of two people instead of one.

I was brokenhearted for days/weeks after that .Crying all the time, going over that day in my mind. Wondering why it happened and what was the lesson to be learned?  It was such a perfect job for me. Who would think that they would go back that far in my back ground? I've worked at doctor's offices, department stores and several temparary services since that 'crime' with no problems?

I think the hardest part for me was being rejected, that feeling. Being turned away because i wasn't 'good enough'. Its still hard for me to talk about :(

I told friends that i simply didn't get the job without going into further detail. And for those that are reading this, i apologize for that. I was embarrassed. But getting it out now does feel better.


  1. That is so ridiculous! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Who wasn't crazy in their teens and what you did wasn't even that bad. Not to sound cheesy, but this just means that although the job seemed like the perfect fit, it just wasn't meant to be. There is a better job waiting for you!! And if they didn't hire you because of a silly thing like that, then those are people you wouldn't want to work for anyway (who knows how nit-picky and micromanaging they are with their staff, ya know??). You WILL find something better!! {{HUGS!!!}}

  2. It sounds like their loss.

  3. Melissa-not cheesy at all, thanks for making me feel better ((hugs))

    Liz-thank you so much ((hugs))

  4. I'm glad that you are able to get it out now. I hope talking about it helps. I think it is absurd that you did not get the job, especially over something so small. I think we are all guilty of doing something in our past that we wish we hadn't.

    Take it as a sign, that the job probably wasn't worth it and there was a reason you weren't meant to get it. I know it is easy to say these things, and it sure hurts when we are rejected in any way, but you will find something. Don't let this one thing keep you down.

  5. When it first happened I was in this shock for about a week, my emotions were all over the place. but now that i look back, you guys are right, everything happens for a reason.

    I feel better knowing that i can talk about it on here and not get judged, thank you for letting me do that =)

  6. I remember when you were interviewing for this. So glad that you worked your way through it. Liz is right...their loss!! (((HUGS)))

  7. Hey Trish, yeah...i had a lot of interviews with that job :/ Thanks for the hugs!!


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