Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge!

Columbus day is exactly 35 days away. I'm Challenging myself to go 35 days ON PLAN!  I will post everyday, listing my meals and workout stats. If i have to whine,bitch and complain at that time then so be it.....whatever it takes to get me through 35 MORE DAYS of perfect eating.

I have never went more than 7 days without giving myself an indulgence/treat  meal. So that was the first thing that popped in my head before announcing this. Can I do it?  How bad do I want it? I'm in a size 12 jeans right now and I'm not happy with it AT ALL.  My goal is to be in a size 10 by the end of this challenge.

 1) Stay with in my range of calories 1400-1600 not a calorie more!
*i had to edit this because i have to keep this challenge realistic. I will keep my cals at 1400-1600 during the week but sunday is a treat meal, so i will try and keep the cals under 2000! *
 2) Take a before and after picture
 3) no alcohol  :o

If anyone reading would like to join feel free! Let me know how your doing and what rules you made for yourself. =) 


  1. OOOOH!! I am going to join you!! I need something to kick my butt into gear; hopefully doing a challenge with someone will do just that!

  2. Yay Melissa!!! Lets kick some butt girl! Im off to post Day #1...

  3. Hey Amelia and Melissa, I will join you both!

  4. Hey Belinda, yay, glad to hear your joining! Im going to be listing my updates everyday on here. Let me know how your doing...were gonna rock it!!!


Thanks for reading!!

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