Thursday, September 16, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #9

30min dog walk/rest after that

grits,turkey bacon,2eggs, 1 slice ww toast, coffee
4oz taco meat,2 hard shells broken, cheese, salsa (taco salad) handful of white grapes
banana, yogurt
crockpot shredded chicken sandwich, light mayo, salad w/kens light ranch (mmm, love
Total Calories= 1525

I can't believe we still have left over taco meat left and i can't believe im not sick of it yet, HA! I bought a salad bag mix yesterday that was marked down and it was my favorite mix of lettuce, sweet butter lettuce and red butter lettuce...mmm, so good. I plan on having a huge taco salad with the bag! I love leftovers...

I thought about doing a circuit type of workout today but decided to listen to my body and relax.  Besides, I can get in a circut tomorrow, a cardio + core workout on saturday then finish off the week with a full body weight workout on Sunday. Its all good =-)

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  1. Just caught up on your last few're doing FANTASTIC girl!!! I love leftovers, too. :)


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