Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #8

55 minute power walk + 20min yoga session

1 slice ww toast w/1tbs npb, coffee
2eggs, 2pc ww toast
turkey sandwich w/veggies, baked dorito's
banana, yogurt
3 hard shell taco's w/lean beef, cheese + tomatoes,1/2 serving refried beans, 100g white grapes, fudge pop
100 calories of something or maybe not?
Total Calories - 1640 1540

Well, i passed up another opportunity to eat junk food today. DH  asked if i wanted to go to a local burger joint that we love for supper. There cheeseburgers are to die,...but not worth me going off my diet for ;-) He said he was 'sorry babes, I forgot' and we had leftover tacos. Which were very good and satisfying.   He's such a sweetie pie when it comes to my workouts/diet, he understands that this is important to me  =)

I was surprised to see my water weight already gone from Sunday's treat meal...that is VERY exciting, i was squealing like a little girl this morning when i stepped on the scale (teehee) Know what that means? That means i just might----crossing my fingers----see a loss this week. Please scale gods be kind to me!!

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