Sunday, September 12, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #5


coffee,eggs,20g apple jelly on two pcs ww toast, 2pcs turkey bacon
(planned treat meal) 1/4 grill burger w/cheese, reg fry, 1/2 mini chocolate xtreme blizzard
ham sandwich, huge salad w/2tbs kens healthy options ranch dressing
Total calories=1740
Had some beers so the total is now 2200...its all good,hehehe

I went on the dairy queen site and I thought it was so neat how you can build your meal and calculate your calories. I love those new mini blizzards! Its genius of dairy queen to come up with them. I had every intention on eating all of mine today but after three bites i just didn't want anymore. I kept thinking  this is 400 calories? Its good but not worth it,hehehe. Im glad i did because my calories are still at a reasonable amount for a treat meal day! =) it was a good day!!


  1. Diary Queen, just not sure how that gets worked into a days diet. I have a hard time trusting Fast food places and their nutrition info. Basically because I don't trust the people making it to make it. Iknow, a silly fear I have.

    Glad you had a good day; have a great week.

  2. I know, its hard to trust the nutrition facts at a fast food place. Its got to be a close estimate though...and planning ahead helps fit the meal into my daily calorie limit.

    Have a great week too =)


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