Saturday, September 11, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #4

Cathe Friedrich 4 day split:high intensity step
MTV yoga
448 burned in 67 minutes

1 serving pancakes,sf syrup, 2eggs,2pc turkey bacon, coffee
2tbs npb + 20g apple jelly on ww bread(YUM)
yogurt+ orange
lean cuisine spaghetti w/1 slice garlic bread on ww bread + huge salad w/veggies,kens light ranch dressing
Total calorie =1716

*over 100 cals but mowed the back yard*

Feeling good today! I was wrestling with some cravings last night but i fought my way through them. I kept thinking what are you doing? your not hungry...go find something to do.  You know its weird, when you stop giving into cravings there is this power shift in your favor?
I listened to a great pod cast yesterday while walking from Renee Stevens. she was talking about the inner conflict between what we want and what we need. It made so much sense. Here is a link to the page, just scroll down to episode 5 and you can listen. Its pretty interesting and best of all,its free.
Yo-Yo dieting


  1. Cravings, anything specific? Oddly I have been craving soda pop the past couple of days. Not sure why, I am not a big soda drinker. I have refrained though, just no good there to be had.

    Good jobon refraining as well and getting in a good day of exercise & eating.

    Have a good weekend, Never Forget!

  2. You have a good weekend too! I was craving fried foods yesterday, if its one thing i can honestly say i miss its fried foods.

  3. I checked out the link you gave to Renee Stephens... it sounds very interesting. I've downloaded several to listen to... thanks for that!


  4. Your very welcome Loretta, hope you enjoy them!

  5. I just wanted to let you know I gave you a blogging award at !

  6. Awww, that is awesome...i'll go get it now. Thank you so much :)


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