Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #15

4mile run interval + 20minute core workout + 10minute stretch

1tbs npb,1 slice ww bread, coffee
grits,eggs, turkey bacon
turkey wrap with light mayo, tomato,romaine lettuce, yellow peppers,pickle
1tbs npb, 1slice ww bread, 1/2 banana
2 hard shell taco, 4oz lean ground beef, 2tbs cheese dip
Total Calories=1500 2010

There is about 14 more weeks left in the year. Im pretty sure i can get to 160 ( or possible smaller)   before the end of the year. After this Columbus day Challenge i think i will make that my goal for the year. =]

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  1. Hey there, great job! I just read your whole story and I'm very impressed with the progress you've made, but especially the structure you have put to your life. Keep up the great work. You'll meet your goal!


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