Saturday, September 18, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day 11

4 Day Split: low impact step (Cathe Friedrich)

1 slice ww bread w/2tbs natural peanut butter,coffee
turkey sandwich, tomato, green leaf lettuce,onion,light mayo,pickle
1 can tuna,light mayo,10 saltine crackers,coffee
1 ww sub roll, hickory smoked turkey breast, 1 slice swiss cheese, light mayo, all the veggies it would hold! Weight watcher icecream sandwich(so good)
light popcorn
Total calories=1540

It always amazes me how much food i can eat with so little calories (1500 is little to me,lol) Seeing it all listed like this makes me realize i had a lot of light mayo today :-P

SOOOO, tomorrow is the big weigh in! This morning im still holding steady at 170.0...come on 169. Im still down 1lb since my last weigh in but to see 169 would mean so much to me! :-D

Tomorrow is also my treat meal day, and good golly i can't wait! Not sure what were having yet, DH and i usually have it all planned out by Saturday. (its also the only day we 'eat out' for the week so he's pretty excited too,lol). I started counting calories on this day simple because my weight loss as slowed down to a crawl, so i try to stay around 2,000 and do a really good workout. ok, be back in the morning!


  1. Treat meal huh. I wouldn't call it a treat but we had breakfast for dinner tonight. Something we do once a month'ish just for fun... I like eggs, but just one or two. The days of 5-egg omelets are over.

  2. Hey Patrick! I love breakfast for dinner too. Yeah, 5-egg omelet days are definitely over for me too. I remember when i was heavier i ate almost a whole pack of bacon by myself...yep,those days are over too! Thanks for stopping by


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