Friday, September 17, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day 10, TGIF!!!!

Taco Salad=420 calories
35min Dog walk, 55 min circuit workout( Cathe friedrich's Body Fusion Workout) then i did some core work from another workout dvd that was about 8mins.

1tbs natural peanut butter (npb in older post), 1slice ww toast
2eggs,2pc turkey bacon,2ww toast w/20grams of apply jelly
115g vanilla greek yogurt,100g white grapes,1small gala apple,1tbs npb
lean cuisine spaghetti w/meat sauce, weight watcher ice cream sandwich
Total Calories 1570

I was at the grocery store yesterday and i sorta gravitated towards the weight watcher ice-cream section. All the WWer products were 2/5$!! Talk about being excited,lol! Then i found some WWer round ice-cream sandwiches with a 1.00 coupon on them...... I was beside myself : D !!!! So now the challenge is to only eat ONE  a day! I don't hardly buy anything that will temp me but i couldn't say no to a box of 6, 140 calorie chocolate ice-cream DREAMS for what ended up being only $1.50. I plan on having one after supper every night :]

My workout today was a beginner/Intermediate type DVD that Cathe offers but i tell you what, you add in heavier weights instead of the 3lb dumbells she uses and WOWEEE, i was burning!!! Then i increased my step height to 8 inches instead of 6 and i was gasping for air after every step segment! It was a great workout!

The past 3days the scale has been holding steady at 170.6! That about a 1/2lb loss since my last weigh in, last Sunday. Now i know i should be excited to see the scale going in the right direction but, sigh,  i don't ever remember it going so slow in that direction, lol! So far I'm averaging about 2 lbs a month...that is VERY slow weight loss! But, its weight loss so i shouldn't complain, right?. Im still waiting for that WHOOSH as i like to call it. You know, that moment when you step on the scale and your down a few lbs! I really miss those...

Keep your fingers crossed that i can step into a new low # on Sunday....the 160's!!! Come on 169....

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  1. Oh I have my fingers crossed for you here. Bring on that new decade of weight loss :-)

    Have a good weekend!


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