Thursday, September 09, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #2

Today I decided to take it easy on the cardio since yesterday was a high intensity step aerobics, my knee's will thank me. I did  power walk for 45 mins then came home and did Cathe Friedrich's Coremax 3 + Stretchmax 3. Good workout! My abbs were really burning...

My planned eats
coffee, 1 slice of ww toast w/tbs of npb
cheese pizza on ww wrap
ham sandwich w/tomato lettuce, 95g banana,coffee
grits,eggs,turkey bacon,toast,fudge pop
that sneaky popcorn (yum)
Total calories = 1465

I've GOT to get some veggies tomorrow...i ran out yesterday and i feel so much better when i eat them!

Yesterday i was doing some job hunting online and came across three job openings close to my area. I was surprised to see the openings. I sent them a resume last night, maybe i will get an interview :D . The last  job i had was back in may and it was just a temporary position.
DH keeps telling me that if im meant to work right now...the job will come otherwise to stop stressing about it,sigh.  I want to work, i get so bored sitting around the house :( not to mention the extra income we would have. That's one thing i miss, when i was working we could go shopping more,LOL. I MISS THAT :-P now we more or less pay bills and buy one or two things(usually for the kids) and thats it...

ok, enough with the rambling...everyone have a great day!!

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