Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Challenge Day #1

Hey there, quick check in here!

Today was a 35minute step aerobic + 30 min Upper body heavy weights (click on the link for a pre-view from youtube). I wasn't really motivated for some reason but i made myself get dressed and get it over with. Felt great when i was done. Total time was 63mins and Burned 490 calories all together.
*pats herself on the back*

My eats for the day
2eggs,grits,1pc ww toast,coffee
refried bean burrito w/cheese & hot sauce on a multigrain flat out wrap (YUM)
4.3oz lean steak, huge side salad w/kens light&healthy ranch dressing, small potatoe w/light butter
1530 total calories

ok...everyone have a great day

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