Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Challenge catch up

Shrimp po'boys=400 calories


40 min power walk (2.3miles)

coffee, eggs, ww toast, turkey bacon, cheese
veggie pizza,salad
natural peanut butter sandwich with apply jelly, ww ice cream sandwich
Total Calories-1475


2 mile power walk
55 minute circuit workout (Cathe Friedrich; Drill Max)

coffee, apple jelly toast,2scrambled eggs
turkey sandwich w/tomato romaine lettuce, light mayo
apple, 1tbs npb+6crackers
grilled Cajun shrimp, torpedo roll,tartar sauce, tomato + romaine lettuce, fudge pop
100 calories of something?
Total Calories-1640 2250 (estimate)

Doing pretty good so far this week. I found out a few minutes ago that the power walks i take in the mornings are an even two miles...that is REALLY COOL! I had no idea i was walking two miles every morning =]

Went over 40 calories ,*ahem* more than 40, ;-), today but i think its ok considering the workouts i did. I may not eat that last snack or just make it a no carb snack.. So yesterday i ended up eating about 500 calories worth of junk food with my DH. I had a small slice of pizza & some frozen yogurt. Those are over estimates just to be safe. The most important thing for me is to NOT beat myself up over it. Its done and i've got to move on. My treat meal on Sunday will have be a little less. I've got to balance it out...

Oh and the picture is my supper, Cajun style Grilled Shrimp Po' Boys. I tried to find Whole wheat rolls but couldn't so i went with the less calories. They were really good! I found this Louisiana Cajun season and just sprinkled it on the shrimp before sauteing them in pam spray and garlic. Thanks again Tammy for the Idea!

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  1. Glad you liked the po' boys....the pic looks fantastic! :)


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