Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Girl Pants!

Holy Crap!!!  Whats going on with me lately? All my willpower is vanished: G~O~N~E ( like that box of frosted flakes i just finished off..doh. ) WTH?

I've been having those 'feelings' lately. Those 'I need to stuff my face so i don't have to feel' feelings. I fought them off Monday. Tuesday my calories were close to 3000, yesterday a little better, about 2200, today close to 2400. Sigh, at least im trying to count my calories, thats better than not paying attention at all. And another positive thing is my workouts. Today i burned close to 700 calories( good calorie burns yesterday too)

Why do i do this? Im trying really hard to not beat myself up about it (really trying here) but i can't help but wonder why the hell i keep sabotaging my efforts?  I weigh 170lbs. Its has taken me over FIVE YEARS to lose 108lbs because of this self sabotaging crap. I'm fed up with it...i want to be in a smaller size. I want to say i FINALLY made it too my goal weight. Im only 20lbs away...grrrrr

Maybe i just need to pull up my big-girl-pants, fight harder and move on. One day i will understand this eating thing.


  1. When you do understand it write a book and make lots of money !

    You have the perseverance girl, you will bust through this. You haven't given up. This is the key point over the past 5 years.

    Now get your booty back on track! :)

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  3. I hear you girl! I am wondering the same things myself. We CAN and WILL get through it!! You have come so far and I know you can keep going. {{HUGSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!}}

  4. Thanks girls, Hugs to you both!!


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