Thursday, August 05, 2010

Why So Tired?

I always notice my energy level while working out. Yesterday my energy was lacking. I had to really stay focused and finish the workout. Today was the same thing. I felt like my eye lids were heavy and kept looking at the clock. I hate workouts like that, guess you can't always have a good one.

I took a rest day Monday so im not sure why? Maybe the calorie deficit is catching up to me? Maybe because of the heat? Whatever the reason is i gave in a little last night and had about 2030 calories (my usual calorie range is anywhere from 1350-1700 while dieting ) hoping it would such luck yet.

Its weird. I keep getting dizzy too. I still think it has a lot to do with the swimming every day in the pool but now im not so sure. I will have to see how the scale reacts on Sundays weigh in. If i still lose this week, maybe i will have one 2000 calorie day a week. I certainly don't want to end up plateauing because im not eating enough.......

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