Friday, August 27, 2010

ugh....just UGH!

I'm venting kinda mad at myself right now,sigh. For the past two days i have been way over my calories. 

 Yesterday was great up until night time came. I started feeling those little urges to eat and most of the time i ignore them or get my mind busy doing something......but not last night! I totally gave in. Today hasn't been very good either. At least i got some good workouts in....i want to do this the healthy way and eating like this isn't my idea of healthy. The only difference from me now and the me 5yrs ago(before my weight loss)  is that I'm conscious of my unhealthy choices and know when to pull the pulling the breaks right now!

I'll be alright, Im going to get right back on track tomorrow and forgot about all this nonsense. Im only 23lbs away from my goal weight...what im I being all pissy about? Thats fantastic :).

ok, off to drink some water....i've got one of those dreadful sugar buzzes : /


  1. Well you know what you did and how you feel about it, you have that going for you. You have a goal, drop those remaining pounds, you have that going for you. You have know how to get it done, you have that going for you. Yep, I'd day that is Fantastic.

  2. Thanks Patrick, I needed that. Now its time to put on my game face!

    today is another new,fresh day!


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