Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Weigh In 8/22

Well no loss for today, its a little disappointing. 172.8 ( + .6) My DH says it may have something to do with the frozen Chinese food meal i had on Wednesday. Could be, but i watched my sodium for the most part of that day. I had a cold for most of the week and 2 of my workouts weren't as intense as they usually are..that could be the culprit too.

LOOK AT ME....trying to figure out WHY i didn't lose? Its going to remind myself of a quote from a very inspiring book i've recently purchased by Geene Roth saying :
Scales have the power to turn a previously depressing day into one with sunshine, and a previously bright day into a miserable one. When we get on a scale , we say, "Tell me, machine, how I should feel about myself today."
I did everything right this week and i will leave it at that! 

THE GOOD NEWS IS that i measured yesterday and was down a little in my hips. Now that is something to cheer about!


  1. Hey I heard that you lost a little in the hips and ran over her to check that out... oh, no picture huh :-)

    Please don't fret over the no loss. I know it is hard not too, I reently had a zero loss week and did fret some about it. We are human. You know what you need to do to have a good week right? You have the power, I sense you have the desire... the only thing I am wondering as i leave here is just how much of a loss will Amelia write about next week?

    Have a great week!

  2. The numbers on the scale can be very depressing. That's why I try as hard as I can to stay away from it and only weigh in once every two weeks. Our weights fluctuate so much anyway on a daily basis so it's very hard to get a super accurate figure. Don't be discouraged though!! You got your hip loss to be happy about. Trust me, my hips are the biggest part of my body, I know how hard it is to lose inches in the hips but I also know how exciting it is. Keep up the amazing work!! :)

  3. No picture just yet Patrick, think i will wait until i've lost 10lbs to update. Thanks so much for you kind words. Can't wait to see the # next week...even if i don't lose im going to do my best to have another great week on plan :)

    Thanks Phoenix fire, i've been considering weighing once a month...but i wonder if i can do it? I love the motivation the lower #'s give me. And thanks :)


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