Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Cold's SUCK!

Sunday night i started sniffling and thought nothing of it. Its ragweed season right now and i figured it was allergies.

Yesterday i woke up with a pounding headache, stuffed up nose and slight body aches. I did have about 3glasses of red wine Sunday night (yeehaw -the culprit behind the pounding headache,hehehe) But WOW, i haven't felt this bad in a Very. Long. Time :(

One of my rules whenever i have an upper respiratory/sinus cold is to take it easy on the workouts. So...I took a rest day yesterday and will probably do the same today. Im keeping my calories on the lower end of my calorie range too, just to be safe...

So im off to fix me some breakfast then watch some episodes of season 2 : The Closer...

~~~~Edit to Add~~~ walked 45mins on the treadmill~~~~~~~~

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