Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneaky Popcorn

SO i was watching The Closer last night and it was time for my night time snack, 99% of the time it's popcorn. I open --------->
and pop me up a mini bag, settled on the couch and start munching. WELL, by the end of the bag i was LICKING MY FINGERS and was all googly eyed at this 130 calorie popcorn! It was so delicious. : D 
I thought "oh, im buying some more of this" and then started to wonder why it had such a buttery taste vs my usual Smart Pop (100 calories ). Could it be the 30 calorie difference?  After digging out any available crumb i then wanted to double check the nutrition facts...earlier that day i was in the popcorn isle for what seemed like forever, trying to decide which one is better.  So long and behold it WASN'T 130 calories but 160...ok, thats just 30 more calories than what i thought it was. I could still squeeze it in a few nights a week. Then my eye's scrolled down and my jaw dropped : 13 grams of fat? wonder is so lickable good?  Sigh, there goes my yay-i-found-a-new-food moment...


  1. I am too scared to eat popcorn. I like it buttery and salty. mmmm. Sorry your package fooled you!

  2. Oh no!! I have done this before. Only I ate 3 bags (not on the same day btw lol) before I figured it out!!

  3. How much of the fat is saturated? Some fat is good. Haha, now I want popcorn!!

  4. I was just checking out your measurements. What part of your arm do you measure? I'm jealous of your thighs, by the way!! :)

  5. Christina, that sneaky popcorn as 6grams of sat. fat :0

    BTW-My thighs are nothing to be jealous of...believe me...@ 5'3 there not all that,lol Now stretch me out to 5'6 and i would love them!!!


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