Monday, August 23, 2010

Rest, a nice moment and calorie estimates...

So, this morning was my rest day. One complete day of work outs of any kind. No mowing the lawn, no walking the dog, no heavy cleaning...just rest. Its hard for me to rest, i love my workouts and look forward to them.  :)

After watching a lifetime movie(it was really good too,lol) i decided to take a quick shower. We have a full length mirror in our bathroom and I noticed some changes in my body. My legs are becoming leaner, there is less visible fat. My stomach is getting smaller and the skin is getting looser ( i wish i could say i don't have stomach skin,hehehe) and just an over all appearance of more muscle. It was a nice moment, i actually smiled at myself in the mirror.

Sundays free day didn't go too bad but I didn't like a feeling i started having towards the end of the day. A feeling of urgency to eat more... i don't like that. That 'feeling' is something im trying to avoid. Im seriously thinking of just counting calories that day and maybe increasing it a little so i can have more control.  Most online calorie calculators tell me to eat around 1400-1700 calories in order to lose 1lb a week and 2200 to maintain my weight. I think if i eat 2200 on Sunday i could still eat a little more and still keep that 'control' feeling. What do you guys think?  Any thoughts?

I just don't want my weight loss to slow down for any working to hard right now.


  1. All sorts of Non-Scale Victories in this post...
    legs are becoming leaner w/ less visible fat...
    stomach is getting smaller and the skin is getting looser...
    you actually smiled at yourself in the mirror...

    As for what I think on the calories, simple thought applied would say that if you keep doing what you are doing your pace of weight loss (or maintenance) will remain roughly the same. Thus if you up the calories, you should up the activity too to maintain the pace you have now. I would find it hard for myself to take in less than 1700 calories a day and keep energy up, but that is me. SOme seem to be able to go as low as 1000 and do well, i just now myself if i go to low I get goofy in the mind and that is the key... do what keeps your mind in the game, keeps your mind in control of your progress.

    Gee, I sounded so official there :-)

  2. "A feeling of urgency to eat more." A perfect way of putting that pre-binge feeling. So hard to keep the binge from happening at that point. I, too, hate that feeling. I know that the next step is being out of control.

    I call it my "Uh-oh" feeling. I know that it has arrived because of something I did or something I'm trying to avoid feeling. Right then, I try to put on the brakes and look around for that "thing". You know, before "uh-oh" turns into "Oh, no!"

    Takes time, practice, and trial and error, I think. I'm having an "Uh-oh" moment right now--which is why I'm at the computer. Brought on compliments of a "healthy" recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough. Ummm--won't make THAT again.



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