Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day # 23 still on plan, Feeling Good!

DH hasn't hid my scale yet so i took the liberty of getting a peek at it this morning and im still holding onto water from Sundays meal. Wow! I may have to start toning it down on Sunday's, i don't want to spend half the week getting rid of water weight, up two lbs :-/  At least TOM is almost over, i think today will be the last day.....fingers crossed!

Im so proud of myself today. I realized that i have been on plan for four weeks now! I have no intentions of going off plan, im stubborn this time. I want to see that 150 mark. I just can't believe how slowly its coming off ..1 lb a week. Yikes!! I'm waiting for that 'whoosh' as I like to call it. You know, when you step on the scale and all of a sudden your down three lbs! Oh, what a feeling that is!!!

My sister called me yesterday and she had her yearly physical done. She wanted to tell me about her weight, down 14lbs since her last yearly physical. She was thrilled that she was down without even trying. I was thrilled for her too. She has never really had a weight issue though, or eating issue for that matter. She doesn't keep up with her weight like I do. She eats when she's hungry, its that simple for her...... I'm trying to learn from her.

ok, time to go get dressed and walk/run interval w/my lab. Its pretty cool outside so im going to take advantage of it! Then later i will do a heavy weight lifting workout for the Legs. (4ds legs to be exact)

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