Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheesy Bicep Flex pic

Yep! I just had to do it....i never thought i would ever have a cheesy bicep flex pic, but so be it. I think after sticking to this lifestyle for over 5yrs now (July this year) i deserve to post it :) If you look real closely you can almost make out a bicep muscle, LOL...

Nothing special going on today. Suppose to be a rest day but i feel great, may take the dog for a walk. I think there is something about walking that is so relaxing. My Lab is looking at me right now through our sliding glass doors...its so cute!

Yesterday was a good eating day, we took the kids to burger king for supper and I planned ahead and felt so proud of that. We then took the little froggies ( we got above ground pool over the summer and stayed submerged in it, the kids reminded me of frogs,lol) to get an outfit for school and I of course had to try on some clothes...smaller clothes was another nice moment, smiling at myself in the mirror. I didn't buy any (im a tight*ss,lol ) but it was fun trying them on. Actually, i was wanting to go by the Salvation Army store today and see whats there.

And i just wanted to little girl is SO hard to shop for, OMG!!! I can't help but wonder if i was that picky as a child? Makes me appreciate my mother that much more.


  1. Ha ha ha, LOVED your cheesy bicep flex photo! You have certainly earned the bragging rights.

    Here's to a Focused September!

  2. Oh yeah, I see the muscle there; looking good, be proud!

    I have an award to honor you with on my blog today:

  3. LOVE it!!! You go girl!!!!


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