Friday, August 06, 2010

Breaking Free

I purchased a book two weeks ago by Geneen Roth Breaking Free from Emotional Eating, i have been reading it every night and highlighting sentences/quotes/phrases that i knew would help me if i needed a mental check.

Last night was my first major urge in a while to BINGE! The first thing i did was grab the book and read over my highlights. And i have to say IT WORKED. Reading those quotes (or in this case the name of the first chapter) "Being Hungry Is Like Being in Love: If You Don't Know, You're Probably Not' really helped. This question really helped me too " Are you sure that food is what you want?" After reading that question and then asking myself again i realized that i didn't want food, i missed my DH (at work) and it was night time, the kids were asleep and i was lonely. Alone in the living room.  I drank 3glasses of water and went to bed.  I didn't sleep all that well but it was definitely a break through...or in this case a break free :-P

I ended my day at 1480 calories.


  1. What a fabulous victory - that is amazing. It was a huge challenge for me to overcome when my husband was traveling for business to not eat everything in sight because I missed him so much, but it's great to know i can overcome it!

  2. Its such an empowering feeling isn't it? Thanks for you comment and congrats to you as well :)


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