Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh No, There goes Toyko..go go Godzilla!

Had a weird dream last night. Apparently i was a Lego-building-champion and every time i built a house out of Lego's, Godzilla would come and stomp them! Like i said...weird dream.


  Still going strong on my diet. Did have some nibbles yesterday but i also skipped my last snack so i think that covered it.


 Yesterday was really tough. I kept wanting to peek at the scale. I even asked my hubby where it was? He simple said "no!" and continued watching his action movie. (haven't weighed since last Sunday because the hubby called me  "the scale weighing addict" mmmm,k?) This morning i had that same urge and thought OH GOOD GRIEF SNAP OUT OF IT WOMEN...i went all frickin week without weighing...i can go one more day.  *rolls eyes*


 I will weigh in tomorrow so wish me luck. This week has been GREAT. I was on plan with my eating, got FANTASTIC workouts in so i should see a loss (you would think) but who knows...i could be the same weight as last week. My body is so weird like that. Sometimes i will drop 4lbs at one time then not lose again for four more weeks :/ . Im going to get the hubby to measure me too and I'm pretty sure i will see some shrinkage going :P


BTW-The title to todays blog is "Godzilla" by  Blue Oyster Cult.

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