Monday, July 19, 2010

New Diary, New Motivation, New Day

The past few days i haven't felt very good. Just trying to figure out what happened to my challenge. I was sad for the most part...feeling like a failure with my eating. Food has so much power over me, its just crazy. Before i lost the weight i never had this much trouble with eating...of course i didn't care what i ate either. I was in walmart yesterday and read a little of a new book called Women, Food and God. The prologue was interesting. Made me think a lot. I spend an awful lot of time and energy focusing on food. What, when and how much of it I'm going to eat. Will it make me feel good after I eat it? Will i be hungry tonight? Geneen Roth is the author. I went on her online sight and although i wasn't surprised to see that she has a 6-week program to follow that is suppose to end your struggles with food, i was surprised to see the price,yikes. 147$ :O Being the mother of two, with only one income i just couldn't justify that expense to my DH. Would love to do it and I'm sure Mrs Roth could help me but the price of the book sounded better. I found it for $13.97(online) and that would pass through the ears of my DH a lot better than $147 :P I ordered another book by Geneen Roth today " Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" I'm excited about reading this one :) Here is a pic of my snazzy new diary i picked up yesterday at Big Lots along with some new motivating stickers. In my mind, starting a fresh new diary is like saying bye to the last challenge. Im starting over with my daily challenge updates on day #1. Not sure what im going to call this challenge? Maybe


  1. Hi! I saw your post on 3FC and decided to take a look at your blog! I hope you don't mind. I have a question. I noticed that my starting weight is close to what your starting weight was and that we are the same height. BTW congrats on your weight loss! It's truly inspirational.

    My question is about calories because I am so lost! I'm 5'3 and starting at 260 pounds. How many calories were you consuming when you first began? I've used a few calorie counters and my numbers seem so high! Any info would be appreciated! And again, congrats on what you have already achieved!!! :)

  2. Hey LisaMarie, thanks for stopping by!

    I started my calories kinda low at the time, around 1500 and would quickly plateau:(

    I remember plateauing with every 25-30 lb weight loss and would go crazy trying to figure out why...the plateaus would last months :(

    One plateau in particular stuck in my mind, it was when i weighed about 220, was eating 1500 cals a day and working out. Out of pure desperation i decided to join Weight Watchers, and i quickly learned that i wasn't eating enough! WW'ers gave me 32pts (equivalent of about 1800 calories) and the weight came off again:)

    If i could go back i would start off at 1900-2000 and just make sure i got my workouts in :)
    (if your not working out then maybe 1700-1800 a day)

    Hope that helps and GOOD LUCK! Keep me updated :)


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