Thursday, July 01, 2010

July's workouts

7/2~Low impact step (cathe) level 1 yoga meltdown(jillian)
7/3~Muscle Max, upper body premix, 25 minute dog walk
7/4~4ds (cathe) high intensity step + 15mins yoga
7/5~30 min dog walk
7/6~NYC legs + abb premix + 30min dog walk
7/7~40mins total on treadmill (30mins were running)+ 30min dog walk
7/8~NYC upper body only + yoga
7/10~All of power hour (cathe)
7/11~35min dog walk
7/13~LM intervals 1-4 + BM2 upper body
7/14~ legs & glutes (cathe) Rodney yoga
7/15 ~ Upper body circuit using Cardio Coach v2
7/16 ~ 47minutes of mowing the lawn
7/17~ 32mins of SB + Rodney Power yoga:Strength
7/19~ 4ds LIS circuit premix
7/20~Cardio Coach Volume 4 + 15mins of yoga
7/21~Muscle Max timesaver premix
7/22~ Power Yoga
7/23~Low Max + abbs on power hour
7/24~ Maximum Intensity Strength
7/25~45minutes of mowing lawn
7/26~30min kickbox + 30min power yoga
7/28~4ds legs + push/pull upper body premix (2sets)
7/29~TBL cardio max levels 1+2, Rodney standing poses Yoga + 58min lawn mowing in the evening.
7/30~LIS cardio and weights circuit premix..thats it whew...

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