Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to eat :(

Im so mad/frustrated right now. I guess over the past two weeks things have been getting to me and i've been trying to ignore them. Today i just want to escape from reality. Were still having car issues. Its been sitting in our drive way for two weeks now because we couldn't afford to get the part to get it fixed. Well, we got the part yesterday and now my DH is having problems putting it on. The old part broke into pieces and is partly stuck and he's trying to figure out how to get it out. I just wanted to SCREAM when he said that. Part of me wishes we never bought the car to begin with :( he says its a nice car and the 99% sure this will fix it... Were still having problems with our pool. I want to take it back...SERIOUSLY, im so done with it. Its such a huge money sucker. Its still cloudy. We got something yesterday to help with the cloudiness, it did at first. Everything settled to the bottom but then our cheap a$$ vacuum couldn't suck it up. sigh, i just give up! GIVE UP! Nobody sells the filter cartridge that goes inside the pump (another problem) i just ordered more from target that will be here is 7days. My lab chewed up the vacuum 'sock' that holds debris so i have to order one of those too :( Just not a happy camper right now....and i want to stuff my face until i get that full feeling :( this is me being honest. I don't want to eat so i will fight this feeling all day. I have to learn how to deal with my emotions some other way. I wish we could go ahead and go on our hike sure that will make me feel better... Gonna go take something for this headache :(


  1. Amelia - how are you doing? Hang in there - all of this will pass - so will your craving. If you do cave though - you are only human. Its a work in progress. Hang in there girl!

  2. Im doing better Karen,thanks! I had a good cry and DH was there. Guess my 'pot was boiling over' or so too speak. Im still on plan with my eating...


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