Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day #9 Calorie Challenge

Day #8 was skipped because i considered it a 'free day' I didn't count calories but didn't pig out either :) I put my workout clothes on twice and would get interrupted so i gave up and took a shower, probably needed to rest my leg anyway. Today is day #9 on the calorie counting challenge, I'm still feeling very good. I'm not feeling at all guilty about yesterday's splurges. We ate Chickfila for lunch(had a salad) then came home, i cleaned up some around the house then DH wanted to go to Walmart for something so we stopped at Dairy Queen. I wanted a blizzard but settled for a dipped cone, i know the calories in blizzards are ridiculous! My favorite one starts at 690 for a SMALL...a small, thats crazy and sooooo not worth it! Today i plan to get in a kick ass workout, stay on plan with my eating and walk my cassie girl this evening :) thats my check in for today...

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