Friday, July 09, 2010

Day #5 Calorie Challenge

STILL GOING WELL, Last night i did eat a little bit more than planned but i stopped myself before any real damage could happen. Ended my day at 2100 calories. I noticed later in the day yesterday i started getting really tired and bitchy :o then after eating my last snack i started those 'thought's' like ( "one bite won't hurt" or " i deserve this after today's workout" ) and i did give in a little. But I'm still VERY PROUD of myself for not going crazy. 2100 calories at the end of the day isn't bad at all. After you minus the calories i burned . Yesterday night eating was definitely emotional, i just read over yesterdays thread and that confirms it... SO WITH THAT SAID....i will stay focused today. When and IF those thoughts pop into my head i will get my mind busy and ignore them. After all, the mind is a power thing and i CAN and HAVE over come those thoughts. Just takes will power! Today will more than likely be a rest day. So my calories will be lower, around 1400 or so. I plan on eating my pizza tonight (kashi spinach and mushroom,mmmmm) so I've got to make calories for that :) Sunday is the big weigh in...TOM is suppose to start today so i may have to push my WI off a few biggie. More time to lose weight! I plan on measuring on the 14th :) OH AND I HAVE GOOD home owners insurance agent called and im getting a check mailed..yay! Im just excited to be getting something back on all my electronics that were damaged! :) ok, thats my check in for today....

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