Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day #3 Calorie Challenge

Today was a good day! My calories are ending right around 1700. Got a 30min run in this morning and burned 404, plan on walking the dog in a few for 30mins and it usually burns around 180..... Im feeling good :) thats the most important thing! So we were in the grocery store yesterday and found a frozen meal we thought we would try called Voila by Birds Eye. All you do is dump it in a pot and add water...heat and serve. We got Garlic Shrimp and let me tell you it was VERY TASTY, so tasty that we went back today and picked up another meal, this time the Cheese Ranch Chicken one. Very good too, we couldn't really taste the ranch in it because we had side salads with ranch dressing (mine was light of course,hehe). Today we had some garlic bread sticks that were around 140 calories and felt like we were in an Italian Restaurant. It was soo darn good. The Cheese ranch is only 210 calories for a cooked cup and the one yesterday wasn't bad, think about 300 calories. You just never know what you'll find in the frozen section... TWO THUMBS UP.

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