Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day #2 Calorie Challenge

Yesterday was GREAT! I didn't do an intense workout but i did walk the dog last night for 30mins and wore my heart rate monitor (HRM) and burned 197 calories! I finished the day at 1480 calories which is fantastic! DH wanted Mcdonalds for supper and we went but i order an unsweetened tea with splenda and THAT WAS IT! Came home and made me a pizza...I was so proud of myself yesterday. I LOVE fast food but i just kept thinking "it will always be there" and that's how i got through it. Today is some weight work then another dog walk this evening. I really enjoyed that last night and it helps with my frustration too. I love my babies (have two beautiful and bright kids) but there out of school right now and driving me looney so that little get-a-way is helping with that. Anyways...thats my update for today! :) Im feeling good! No pressure is my philosophy right now. Still haven't weighed and i feel fine about it. Plan on weighing/taking measurments on the 14th :)

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