Friday, July 16, 2010

Day #12 Calorie Counting Challenge

Well so far this challenge is a success. Although I have had some bad days calories wise i still managed to shrink a little over the past two weeks. I was measured yesterday and lost almost everywhere. Pretty proud of that, but im not proud of my eating last night. For some reason those night cravings get the better of me. I actually went to bed and was reading, it was late...around 11pm and my stomach was growling. So far my calories were at 1410 and was proud of that. But something snapped in me and i went and ate about 1000 calories, yikes! It only took me like 10 minutes too. Before it knew what happened my day was blown. sigh SABOTAGE!! WHY didn't I eat more? I burned 500 calories wonder i wasn't satisfied with 1400 calories? DUH!!! I swear my mind is like a resets itself and I lose all stored memory....HA! So this morning i woke up with that awful "why did i do that?" feeling and was beating myself up and immediately thought. "ok, so you ate last night...are you going to let it ruin your day?" NO Today I will not think about what happened yesterday and instead think about how fabulous i will look in a few months...yesterday was nothing. My dad and brothers are going through a hard time right now. I was thinking a lot about them yesterday. My parents split up back in February and its hard on my dad. He came over for a visit yesterday and i saw the pain in his eye's. It really sucks to see your parents not happy and whats worse is that there is nothing i can do to help :( So that is my check in for today. My plan is too stay around 1500 calories and stay out of the kitchen tonight.

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  1. That sounds like a excellent plan Amelia! I am so glad that you are keeping your positive attitude - you help keep me on track too. :)


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