Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day #11 Calorie Challenge

I had a weak moment last night and i splurged on some feel good I know thats a lame excuse but thats all got right now. >>>>>>>MOVING ON>>>>>>> Today is back on track. Its the 15th of the month so i still have about 15 more days in the month, i can lose a couple of lbs in 15 days :) and for the most part i was on plan this month. One thing is for sure, im being more accountable. I'm getting my workouts in and feeling great about that :) So, we got another part for the car yesterday and its still not working. DH thinks its in theft mode...every time we put it in another gear besides park, it goes dead. Weird. Were not spending another dime on that car until we get a mechanic out to look at it. And luckily my mom has one that she's used for years and trust. He'll be out in the next couple of days. Were thinking about selling it once we get it going...LOL. Its a 2001 PT cruiser and we've only had it about three months :(

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