Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day #10 Calorie Challenge

Yesterday was suppose to be a lower day but because i burned so much during my workout i upped it a bit. I ended the day at 1750. Today were suppose to go hiking, I will be doing some leg work + yoga this morning. Im going to wear my HRM during the hike so i can manage my calories in. My thoughts for the day: I've noticed in the past when restricting my calories i would end up eating at night, i would be ravenous, eating whatever was in front of me, MY BODY WAS TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING!!!! On those intense workout days i need to pay close attention to my calories in, maybe increasing a little to fuel my body. I've noticed if i burn more than 400 calories i seem to get really hungry on those lower calorie days. Of course its all about what i eat trying to eat at least 85% clean most of the time.

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