Thursday, July 22, 2010

Master at Maintaining...

So far this week i have been ON PLAN (shhhhhh, i can't hear that out loud or the evil inner food deprived bitch will sabotage my efforts ;-) hehehe)

Today is a rest day and being that im not really tired I will do some power yoga. I'm kinda stiff from the full body weight work yesterday.

I stepped on the scale this morning and was smiling when i stepped off. THAT FEELING, the feeling of accomplishment is why i LOVE stepping on the scale. I was down and at my smallest in months! Since February. I know i can maintain once i get to my goal weight. I've been maintaining since we moved back in February...I'm a MASTER AT MAINTAINING :-P

Now i have to stay focused and keep going. Keep smiling and keep swimming forward ..just keep swimming,swimming,swimming...

Had 1 4oz glass OF RED WINE last night. It was soooooooo good after dealing with the kids/DH/house/mom & dad situation/pool/ broken down NEW car which by the way we have nicknamed THE BITCH! Now we say "oh and did you get that part for the bitch?' .
So, back to the wine...I measured it out and took about 15 minutes to drink it. I felt oddly good drinking it, unlike whiskey this stuff is actually good for you. Just knowing it was relaxing my blood vessels, giving me antioxidants and what ever else it does put a BIG DORKY SMILE on my face. Gave me warm fuzzies all over ;-) of course that could of been just the wine....

DH goes back to work tonight so im looking forward to getting the kids in the bed, watching tv, and reading some before going to sleep. I may have another glass wine too....just might. It is empty calories though :-/

later gators

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