Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where's My Endorphins Today?

I'm in SUCH a crappy mood today. First i woke up just energy at all. Usually coffee takes care of that but NOT TODAY:( . My two cups didn't help at all. The kids are on a roll, I've already had to break up two arguments. Im still on plan as far as calories and i finished my workout earlier and was hoping it would bring me those happy endorphins that i need. I did a 40minute Step Areobics dvd plus some yoga. of course while doing the yoga I heard some water flowing off the coffee table onto my carpet(*ahem* not the relaxing water flow one would expect while doing yoga), the kids knocked over there drink and then i heard them scramble to clean it up before 'mommy finds out'......Kids, gotta love them;) I've got to refocus and get in a better mood. No more poor pitiful me today. I think i know whats wrong. This is day 6 on my diet and day 7 is my 'planned cheat meal' and im ready for it...calorie counting drives me BONKERS. Tomorrow is my weigh in day far im down this week. Hopefully it will stick for tomorrows wi. ok,i feel better

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