Thursday, June 10, 2010

Went shopping yesterday....

I had such a fun time yesterday going shopping. We went to a local mall and even though i didn't have a ton of money to spend I still had a blast just trying on clothes. Im starting to finally love what i see in the mirror. This weightloss journey of mine has been going on forever it seems like( i had a very long plateau at a size 14/16 and being in a size 12 is so nice) Im finally seeing some smaller hips and i can actually see a WAIST, lol. It just nice to see all my hard work paying off. :) Here is a dress i got a few weeks back but never would wear it because im still not comfortable showing my shoulders/arms (got extra skin but its firming with every weight workout,lol)so i got this cutesy little knit crop top to go with it. :) I LOVE the material...very light.

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