Saturday, June 05, 2010


About three weeks ago a huge thunderstorm came through and took out most of my electronics. Luckily i have home owners insurance and they said they will cover the damages. WELL, They sent out this lightening Affidavit for both us, and an licensed Electrician to fill it out(we had to hire the electrician,sigh, more money to spend). So anyways..he comes out yesterday, assist the damages and declares the electronics a loss due to lightening. He fills out the papers and leaves. I noticed on the back of the paper that an Itemized Bill must accompany the Affidavit...ok, what in the hell is that? The Electrician told me that i need all my receipts to send to the insurance company(he was guessing) or perhaps call the places were I purchased the electronics and see if i can get some kind of print out of the transaction....ok? SO, after being on the phone ALL DAMN MORNING to the places i purchased the electronics with no luck, i was frustrated to say the least. I called the insurance company again(left my case worker 3 messages already at which she has failed to return) with luck there either. I hadn't had a lot to eat so far (im sure you know where this is going). So of course when DH wakes up around 2pm (he works 3rd shift) all i want is fast food. I go to McDonald's and feel just awful the rest of the day. I have this kind of ,what i like to call, carb buzz and know its from that meal, my body isn't use to that crap. Then i have one hostess cupcake and even though it tasted awful (plastic) i still ate the damn thing,sigh. It was obvious to me that i was emotional eating. And I was so ill, just real short with my kids. I hate when I'm like that :( So, this morning i realized that ITS OK, i had a slip up and I'm moving on. I have to forgive myself..i don't feel good about it but whats done is done and i will have to try harder next time. Next time i will pop in one of my favorite workouts instead of heading to McDonald's, or make me a nice lunch go outside and watch my kids swim while i read a good book. But in my defense (and being a fast food addict) it was the first fast food I'd had in a very long time so that in itself makes me proud! Now all I think about is my biggest loser challenge weigh in sunday morning, arg. Im sure im up a few lbs from all the crap i ate so today is going to be focused on flushing out the water. hopefully i can just maintain my weight from last weeks weigh in.... ok, i do feel better now...thanks for listening :)


  1. Okay first of all congratulations on realizing the mistakes you made and moving on. It's key that you didn't throw in the towel and head out again for fast food. We all make mistakes, but the key is to learn from them. You did just that by making a plan for the next time you are stressed!

    Also, my parents had hurricane damage (in a land locked state--another story!) and they didn't have receipts for all the items for the insurance. They took photo's and gave the estimate cost for the items, the items they had receipts for they included. Hopefully you will be able to get reimbursed for ALL of your items!

    Good luck at the weigh-in tomorrow!

  2. Good idea, i will take some pictures and send them in too. thanks.


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